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Parent Training

Our goal is to empower parents with a foundational understanding of Applied Behavior Analysis.  This training will allow you to better understand your child and teach you how to shape your child's challenging behaviors.


School Training

We offer personalized school trainings that will help staff and paraprofessionals to better understand the benefits of Applied Behavior Analysis in the classroom.  


CILA and homebased services

We complete Functional Behavior Assessments, and create individualized Behavior Support Plans.  We offer individualized trainings for DSP's and QIDP's and fully support staff.

Therapy Sessions
Our Approach

We always look for the "brightside" of behaviors.  Our approach is based on applied behavior analytic principals that will embrace differences and develop individualized plans to shape socially appropriate behaviors.  

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About us

We are a group of Board Certified Behavior Analysts who specialize in a variety of diagnoses, including autism spectrum disorder.  We have years of experience in ages 2 through adulthood.  

With the help of Brightside of Behavior our residential clients have done a complete 180.  Thank you!


Let Us Help

We appreciate everyone's unique personality and work to target behaviors that will help the individual achieve their greatest potential. The reduction of challenging behavior will be paired with goals of increasing positive behaviors. Let's work together to develop a plan to best support you and the ones you love. 


Parent Training


School Training


CILA and homebased services

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