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About Me

At Brightside Behaviors our goal is to see the "Brightside" during our most darkest times.  We are parents, who have received their Master's Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis.  We are Board Certified Behavior Analysts who apply ABA techniques at home with our own children and train parents and professionals on scientifically proven techniques that actually work.  We have years of experience working with individuals age 2 years old and on into adulthood.  The reason our trainings work is that we determine the function of the behavior and provide socially appropriate replacement behaviors.  We train parents, and staff on effective methods that, when implemented, will shape challenging behaviors into more socially appropriate behaviors.  We empower parents to take back control of their homes, and teachers in their classrooms.  We are dedicated to see these individuals thrive and find the path to become a success.  

  • Parent Training

  • School Training

  • CILA and homebased services

  • Social Skills Group

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