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School Training

At Brightside of behavior we provide consultation and direct one-to-one support for staff and students.  We also provide professional development workshops and in service training programs to paraprofessionals and teaching staff. 

Our training workshops include a variety of topics including:

  • Data collection

  • Managing challenging behaviors 

  • Motivating students in the classroom

  • Functions of behavior

    • Sensory​

    • Escape

    • Attention

    • Tangible

  • Signals of impending behaviors

  • Functionally equivalent replacement behaviors

  • Appropriate responses

  • Extinction burst

  • Sensory considerations

  • Environmental Arrangement​

  • Preventative procedures

  • Response to setting events, triggers and signals

  • Reinforcement Procedures

  • Reactive procedures

  • Crisis Intervention/Strategies

  • De-escalation

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